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About LihYang

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  • 1990 LihYang Foil Material Co., Ltd. was established.

  • 2000 Established YangSheng Packaging Co., Ltd in Shantou, Fujian.

  • 2002 Office moved to Houjie Town, Guangdong Province, and renamed to be LiSheng Packaging Materials Co., Ltd.

  • 2004 Shanghai Haocang Co., Ltd. was established in Shanghai.

  • 2007 Renamed our company to be LihYang.

  • 2015 Established Film& Foil Materials Department.

  • 2018 Established Chemical Coatings Department.

  • 2020 Established Handmade Materials Department.

  • 2021 Established Aqualux Hybrid Chemistry Industry Ltd. responsible for Hot Stamping Foil &Films abroad marketing.


About LihYang

LiYang Foil Technology was established in 1979 and has been deeply engaged in the hot stamping film industry for more than 20 years. To provide one-stop sales service services, established marketing office in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Dongguan, etc. in China in 2000.

The main business contents includehot stamping film materials, hot stamping machine, UV glue, UV varnish, silicone rubber wheel, TTR toner, sealing aluminum and other products.

The application industry applied tohot stamping, thermal transfer printing, offset printing, letterpress printing, flexographic printing and screen printing,and further assists in the development of film decoration technology and cold stamping technology.

Our products include hot foil film, laser film, transfer film, plastic film, cold foil film, TTR toner , cold foil glue and varnish.

Providing high-quality products, also having a strong foil technical team to provide customers with one-stop set services.

Our customers are over China, Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia. Our company's management team has a high reputation in Foil industry, the most professional hot stamping foil/film supplier in China.



Committed to the development of professional technology

Professional agent to sell world-renowned brand Foil materials, including Kurz, ITW, Univacco, API, Washin (KOMA), Crown, Nakai, CFC, Kolon, Oike…etc.

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